Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Favorite Things

August 22 
Day 2: These are A Few of My Favorite Things Post
List time! 
Write 5-10 of your favorite things about your loved one. Celebrate their uniqueness and be sure to tell us why those are your favorite things. 

So this week I am participating in the WEGO Health Advocating For Another Blog Carnival, today's topics is 5-10 of my favorite things about my daughter Alyse.

There are so many things that I love about my daughter and her personality but I will narrow it down a bit.

 The first thing that I love about my daughter is that she never lets anything hold her back. When she sets her mind to getting something done she gets it done. (now she is only 8 so some days this is better than others)

I love that my daughter is coming out of her shell with children her age. She usually is a shy child and will not stick up for herself in situations. This year she was placed in a class with a girl that she had issues with last year, Aly talked to the girl the 2nd day into school and explained that her pump site had a metal needle that is in her at all times and when the girl would push her it hurt. The girl apologized and said she never knew. While the girl was in the wrong for pushing Aly last year I was proud of my daughter for talking to this child and explaining how she felt.

Aly is the best big sister around. She is always looking out for her little brother and most of the she tries to include  him in the things that she is doing

Another favorite things is that's he tells me that my cooking is better than all the restraurants. She loves her mom as cooking

My last but not final favorite thing about Aly is that she is my fighter, my daughter, the reason I am the person that I am today. She looks like me, talks like me, acts like me, and well is just a mini me all around and she is my hero. 

These are a few of my favorite things :)

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