Sunday, February 17, 2013

So Done!!

So we got Aly's Dexcom CGM a little less than 2 weeks ago and during that time I have NEVER in my memory gotten less sleep at night than I have these last 2 weeks!!!

We are up nightly dealing with lows and by lows I mean some have been in the 30s. Now I don\'t know if she has always done this and we didn\'t know because we didn't have the technology to tell us and Aly does not recognize lows at night or what but I JUST WANT SLEEP AND MY BABY NOT TO BE PO'ED AT ME AND CRYING because her stomach hurts from so much food and liquid being pumped in to her at 11pm.

We are currently dealing with another night of low blood sugars, currently at 46, 30 minutes ago we were at 42 ... Her pump is disconnected ... We have had 2 fruit roll ups and a glass of milk ... She is crying because her stomach is killing her from all this being pumped into it in a 30 minute period AND she was awoken from a dead sleep to do so.

I want what is best for my princess so I will suck it up for her and be strong for her but gosh dang it there are times that I want to run far away and forget that diabetes exists ... Times that I was to say F U diabetes ... Go to hell!!! Time I want my 8 year old daughter not to have to think about low/high blood sugars ... Carbohydrates, Blood Glucose Meters, Insulin Pumps, Force Feeding Herself when she wants nothing to do with it but has to to not die or end up in the hospital. I am just SO DONE with it all!!!

Well off my sulky moment and time to save a life ... Save MY CHILD'S LIFE!!

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Anonymous said...

I had a very similar experience with the Medtronic CGM in 2008 with my then 9 year old son. The lack of sleep was unbearable and we gave up on the CGM after 5 weeks. I totally understood why sleep deprivation is torture! We recently have started using a new Medtronic CGM (since Christmas 2012) and are having a much better experience with my youngest son who is 8. Hopefully, you find a calmer time!