Friday, February 22, 2013

Tour de Cure

My name is Alyse, I am 8 years old, and on Jan 20, 2007 my young life was changed forever! I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes means that I am dependent on self injected insulin, carb counting, blood sugar checks, dr visits every 3 months, high and low blood sugars, and so much more for the rest of my life.

I come to you today to ask for help. Please help me raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Help me fund an organization that keeps me safe and fights for my right while I am at school ... Help me fund an organization that has summer camps staffed with endocrinologists, nurses, and physicians so I can have fun like all my other peers without having to think about my diabetes care because everyone there is just like me ... Help me find a CURE for Diabetes.

I will be riding my bike 10 miles in the Kansas City Tour de Cure so please help me help all diabetics

Donation of ANY amount can be made online at

Thank you

Aly Huckabay

Monday, February 18, 2013


So as you all saw last night we had a dangerous low ... Yes I hate nights like this and lately they are becoming more frequent :( .... Well needless to say we are now fighting horrible stubborn highs because of that dangerous low. It has been like pulling teeth to get her below 300 :(.

This disease is so annoying and unpredictable. We truly, HOPE .... WISH .... AND WANT A CURE

Sunday, February 17, 2013

So Done!!

So we got Aly's Dexcom CGM a little less than 2 weeks ago and during that time I have NEVER in my memory gotten less sleep at night than I have these last 2 weeks!!!

We are up nightly dealing with lows and by lows I mean some have been in the 30s. Now I don\'t know if she has always done this and we didn\'t know because we didn't have the technology to tell us and Aly does not recognize lows at night or what but I JUST WANT SLEEP AND MY BABY NOT TO BE PO'ED AT ME AND CRYING because her stomach hurts from so much food and liquid being pumped in to her at 11pm.

We are currently dealing with another night of low blood sugars, currently at 46, 30 minutes ago we were at 42 ... Her pump is disconnected ... We have had 2 fruit roll ups and a glass of milk ... She is crying because her stomach is killing her from all this being pumped into it in a 30 minute period AND she was awoken from a dead sleep to do so.

I want what is best for my princess so I will suck it up for her and be strong for her but gosh dang it there are times that I want to run far away and forget that diabetes exists ... Times that I was to say F U diabetes ... Go to hell!!! Time I want my 8 year old daughter not to have to think about low/high blood sugars ... Carbohydrates, Blood Glucose Meters, Insulin Pumps, Force Feeding Herself when she wants nothing to do with it but has to to not die or end up in the hospital. I am just SO DONE with it all!!!

Well off my sulky moment and time to save a life ... Save MY CHILD'S LIFE!!

Name change

I have decided to change the name of our blog from Insulin Princess to Voice of a D-Mom. Since this blog is mainly about my feelings about dealing with T1D as a parent and not Aly's feelings on being a T1D I have decided that this name switch will be good.

Onward and upward we go

Monday, February 4, 2013

Next Step in Care

Today we put the wheels in to motion for the next step of our diabetes management care. We finally have met our $2500 OOP for the fiscal year and so we called and ordered the Dexcom G4 Platinum system.

Aly just passed her 6 year diaversary and also logged her lowest A1C ever of 7.8 so the timing of us being able to purchase the CGM are coming at a great time in her diabetes management. This will hopefully be able to help up make the management of her Type 1 Diabetes even tighter.

We are so excited and we will have pictures to come in the next few days :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

JDRF Kansas City Family Connections Retreat

Today Aly and I attended the JDRF Kansas City Family Connections Retreat. This is the first time in the 6 years since diagnosis that we have attended this local event, and I just have to say that it was great, very informative, and some great topics to pick from.

When we got to the JDRF Kansas City Family Connections Retreat we were greeted by JDRF staff and volunteers at the registration table. Each family that attended (there were around 100 families in attendance) were given their welcome packet that included a synopsis of the retreat, a T1D networking BINGO card, and the speakers as well as the individual family schedule depending on their selection of presentations they chose to listen to.

Aly and I got right to work on the BINGO card and our networking skills. There were many diabetes related companies in attendance in the vendor fair some companies that were in attendance were JDRF, JDRF Advocacy, Hy-Vee, Kids With Courage, Medtronic, Animas, Omnipod, Accu-Chek, Sanofi Diabetes, Novo Nordisk, Trial Net, and Turning Point. We also socialized with other families that we have met previously and others that we were meeting for the first time. Aly really warmed up and starting talking to people.

The sessions that I chose to attend at this event were Artificial Pancreas Project - What's New, Nutrition - Go Deep!, and The Teen Brain. While I attended my selected breakout sessions Aly went to the Kids Zone and played with other children who also have T1D.

Artificial Pancreas Project - What's new?

The 1st session I attended the Artificial Pancreas Project - What's new? Presented by John Martin and Jed Rellihan, in this session we heard that the artificial pancreas is currently in the first generation, before the artificial pancreas will be released to the public for sale it must be in the third generation. The researchers and hoping to have the artificial pancreas on the market for sale in the next 10 years. We were blessed to hear from Jed Rellihan a 14yo T1D who has participated in the Artificial Pancreas Project trial, he did advise that the Dexcom sensor was proven to be the best US available CGM.

When the 1st session was complete it was time for some grub and more networking. During the lunch session the tables had breaking the ice type questions to get everyone acquainted with each other at your table. The table that we sat at was about sleepovers, PS .... We already knew everyone at our table :) ..., it was a great time talking to other moms about sleepovers and how to handle them.

Nutrition - Go Deep

The 2nd session that I attended was Nutrition - Go Deep! This session was presented by Nan Borchardt. During this session we learned about Complete and Incomplete proteins 

Carbohydrates like to be first in line to your intestines and only take 15 minutes to convert to blood glucose.

Proteins take 2-3 hours to convert to blood glucose

Fats take 3-4 hours to covert to blood glucose.

When eating a meal using the 2/1 ratio carb to protein will help diminish the postprandial spike

This was a very interesting nutrition refresher course (for me personally this is the first time I was hearing and learning this technique)

The Teen Brain

The last and final breakout session that I attended today was The Teen Brain. During this session we had an open discussion about all things related to having a teenager and dealing with T1D. (As most of you know Aly is only 8 but I wanted to know what to look forward to in the future).

During this discussion we spoke from everything from puberty, to drinking and how it affects T1D, to dating, anxiety and depression, driving, hormones, and much much more.

The things that I took from this session were:

  • Have your teen work with you in trying to identify the factors as to why their blood sugars are why they are the number that they are
  • Growth hormones make teens become insulin resistant
  • Androgen and estrogen can cause a teen to need more insulin
  • Teens with type 1 diabetes having a rigger risk of depression and anxiety
  • Teen girl with T1D may do insulin manipulation to try and lose weight. Please watch out for this
  • Puberty typically ends at 16.
  • Your teen will be okay and they will mess up. The best thing to do is have an open dialogue with your child so they can tell you and you can help them get back on track     
  • You can do the best you can but your child is still independent of you. They will make their own choices
  • A lot of times with anxiety you will see behavioral issues in children and teens 
  • As parents we have type 3 diabetes we don't live with it but we deal with it daily  
 In closing I have to say that the JDRF Kansas City Family Connections Retreat was an amazing event to attend, it was very informative and very good socializing. If you ever have the chance to attend one of the JDRF education sessions in your area try and make it.