Thursday, August 23, 2012

Challenge Accepted

I have accepted the challenge of being a parent to 2 amazing child, Aly (8) and Joel (2), but believe me parenting is not all Unicorns, Rainbows, and Glitter. 

No parenting is hard 24/7/365 never ending work. For at least 18 years and then many more you are attached to your children through the good, glad, ugly, and disgusting times. 

Most parents would never change that they became parents and still will do everything in their power to raise the best, productive, honest, courteous, amazing adults that they can.

I accepting the role of parent at the young ripe age of 20 and definitely have different parenting styles now with my son than I did with my daughter. I have learned more and had a lot more practice parenting when my son came along.

Like I said though parenting is not all glamorous even though we would all love to think it is. Parenting is never ending even once they grow up, are married, and may loves miles and miles away. We are still their parents and are there for them if they need us.

There are a few things that challenge me in my parenting skills even to this day like

What behaviors should I punish and which ones should I let go?

We as parents have probably heard the saying "Pick your battles wisely", as most of you know my daughter Aly has Type 1 diabetes, when a Type 1 diabetics blood sugars are out of whack either high or low this can lead to temperament issues and disobedience, not always intentional. 

So I am challenged with when her blood sugars are not in range what behaviors do I punish and which do I let slide because of her diabetes? When is the appropriate time for those punishments? Will she really get the lesson from what I am trying to teach her by receiving punishment since she is not feeling food? If her numbers are in range and she gets scolded, did she do it because she was spiking upward quickly or plummeting to a low blood sugar quickly. 

There are just so many what if, why nots, and how comes in punishment.

Getting my children to eat all their food.

Meal time for me is not easy some days with both of my children like many households across the world. For my daughter Aly I have to count every angle carbohydrate that is going to go through her body and give her the appropriate insulin amount to cover those carbohydrates BEFORE she eats! This can cause issues on days that she decides that she does not want to finish her meals because she either doesn't like what is on her plate, gets full, or just wants to go play. On days like this I have to be the evil mommy and make her sit there until all food has been consumed in a timely manner.

Aly is a picky eater like myself so I have sworn to myself that with my son Joel I will introduce him to more foods than I ever did with Aly even though I don't even eat most of the foods I give him to try/eat. Now Joel is not a Type 1 diabetic but I still want Jim to just like his sister eat everything on his plate. Now if you are a parent you know how lets call it "fun" that it can be to try and get a 2 year old to listen.

I work on this challenge daily!


Cleaning in this household is a fight! My daughter HATES to clean and will throw hour long fits when cleaning comes up, she hates it and refuses to do it. She has excuse Ayer excuse as towhy she won't do it  .. I didn't make the mess my friends did, my brother made the mess, I don't want to, I don't care if it is messy, and the list of excuses goes on.

My son Joel now he is another story, he will help clean up in a heart beat. 

I will admit that I am not the best housewife out there but I work on this daily to better myself and my daughter. Cleaning is something that is never going to go away for her or myself so my challenge to myself in parenting is to teach her that cleaning is a necessity and must be done without a fight.

Now I know I am not the only parent out there will challenges thatI face in regars to parenting ... What are some of YOUR challenges?

Challenge accepted! Today is Day 3 of #A4Amonth carnival. The prompt is: write about challenges you face as a parent, caregiver, or advocate

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