Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Diagnosis

My daughter Aly was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 1/20/2007.

In may of last year we received ANOTHER diagnosis ... ADHD.

Ever since Aly was little she has had a problem staying on task, getting distracted, very emotional, always "on the go" with body and mind while also never being able to focus well in school. For several years we tried to shrug it off as Aly being Aly and attributing it to her age .... Well last year at the schools push we finally had Aly seen and tested for ADHD, it was not easy to walk into another Dr's office for another visit that may yield ANOTHER diagnosis for my little princess but like we as parents do I knew I had to do it for her. Upon our 2nd meeting with this Dr. Aly had the testing done and what we learned from the results was quite helpful. We learned that Aly was only able to translate 1/2 of what she was learning into actual product of work .. She was able to grasp the beginning and end of conversations but would forget the whole middle portion that was discussed or taught.

Once we received the diagnosis of Combined ADHD we started trying to assist her without using pills .. we tried many different avenues in the classroom and at home but sadly none of these options were working after almost a year from diagnosis.

A few weeks ago we went and spoke with Aly's pediatrician about the diagnosis and what our options were now ... we knew ADHD meds would be prescribed but we did not know about the different kinds or anything. When we left that appointment with her pediatrician we left with a prescription for Vyvanse the lowest dose with instructions to start it promptly the next day.

I must say that this has been one of the best moves that we as parents have made because just like insulin keeps her alive ... her ADHD meds help her perform at the quality that we knew she was capable of. She focuses better, better handwriting, very confident in herself, able to get work done in a timely manner, remembers schedules and directions, and rocking in the classroom.

I am very proud of my amazing princess who is dealing with T1D and ADHD but NEVER let's anything stop her or get in her way!


Mike Lawson said...

She's lucky to have you. Can't wait to read your blogs about the days when she starts taking care of you!!


SahneimKakao said...

The same like my son, he was diagnosted T1 on 31.5.2011 after his 6th birthday. He start the school on 18.8.2011 and was diagnosted with ADHD on september 2012. The teacher was unable to teach him and had no idea was wrong with him. Now with Retalin, he is the best study in his class. :)