Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bombed Job Interview

DSMA Blog Carnival for August.

The question has been raised:

"Your pancreas is in a job interview and totally bombs the question about ____."

Well in my situation my pancreas works just fine so it would pass with flying colors and be offered the job ... My daughters pancreas on the other hand would fail the question about job experience.

My daughters pancreas decided to take a forever vacation starting on January 20, 2007 after only two and a half years of on the job work. 

I am not aware of any job where you get to only work for two and a half years and then get to take a never ending vacation from while still hitching a free ride, do you?

I am sure her pancreas would try to come up with excuses as to why it decided to take this never ending vacation and some may sound pretty awesome, who can turn down sitting on a beach with a Mai tai in hand?, I certainly wouldn't turn it down

Some day we hope that researchers find out how to take her pancreas off vacation and produce insulin again but until then it gets to enjoy its vacation and free ride

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