Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's official

A few months ago Alys insulin pump after 5 years of use decided that it was done, it had served it's time in the work force and we kept getting motor errors. Luckily Medtronic sent us a 90 day loaner to get us through until we decided our next step.

Luckily for me right after her pump crapped out I had the pleasure of going to the AADE12 conference and getting to play with all the pumps out there n the market, some that aren't even out yet, and One I had never even heard of.

There are so many amazing choices out there, tubeless pumps, pumps with remote, touch screen pumps, and a few other options. Before you choose an insulin pump for yourself or your child I personally say check them ALL out, they all offer the same basic concepts but different amenities.

I was really impressed with the Animas OneTouch Ping, it is waterproof for up to 24 hours at 12 feet deep (we WILL NOT be testing that max), it has a remote that is also your blood glucose meter, it uses the One Touch Ultra test strips that we already use, and it comes with great reviews from other users that I have had the pleasure of speaking with.

So it is official, we got the insurance approval today to purchase the One Touch Ping, we look forward to being Animas customers

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