Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's in there?

This month I will be posting as part of National Health Blog Post Month. I will be posting for 30 days about different topics in regards to parenting a Type 1 Diabetic and Social Media.

Today's topic is "Write about what is in your purse every day"

As many of you know I am the mother to 2 amazing children, Aly who is 8 and has Type 1 Diabetes and Joel who is almost 3, so my purse is very interesting :) 

If you were to peek in to my purse right now you would wonder if this was the purse to a 28 year old lady or a diaper bag/diabetes bag. Well that is pretty much what my Red Beijo bad is. I don't have much of anything adult that goes into my purse except debit card and my license. 

My purse hold many items for my toddler son such as wipes, pull-ups, sippy cup, and snacks.

My purse also holds many items needed for diabetes management such as extra Contact D infusion sites (just in case Alys site goes bad), Blood glucose meter and extra test strips, Quicksticks (used to raise Alys blood glucose in case of a low), alcohol wipes, extra batteries (in case Alys battery dies on her insulin pump), and a bottle of water (in case she is high and needs to try to flush ketones). 

I am sure that some day in you know um ....... in 10 years I MAY get my purse back to being not a diabetes bag but for now that is what is in my purse all day, every day, 365 days a year.

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