Saturday, August 4, 2012

So much to think about

I want to start off this blog post thanking the Diabetes Hands Foundation and Manny Hernandez for granting me a scholarship to have the amazing experience in coming to the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference in Indianapolis.

This was an amazing experience getting to learn more about diabetes from the clinical side as well as meeting so many amazing members of the diabetes online community in person.

This experience also taught me that I need to refocus where I put myself and where I focus the majority of time in regards to diabetes awareness.

I learned that some people feel that members of the DOC need to go slowly, build relationships, and earn respect before going into diabetes advocacy and education full time head on. I know that we can never please everyone but these are interesting concepts to me because personally I have nurtured relationships and become very good friends with many people in the DOC but apparently have not done enough in some peoples minds

This experience makes me want to work harder, focus more on support for families and PWD and educating the general public.

This was a good experience to see the DOC members in action giving the CDE's the knowledge of how social media can help their practice and their patients with emotional support

I look forward to growing my online presence on twitter and nurturing all of my connections.

I leave for home at 7am in the morning and ready to get back home and hug my babies and hubby

Great convention, great time, lot learned, and more to come


Anonymous said...

I'd love to follow you on Twitter! Thanks for reaching out to help others and to share your journey.

Cara said...

Something I've learned over times is that you can't please everyone. Don't try. If you feel your number one goal is advocacy, GOOD. For me, it's more about helping people make connections. Other, it's about being sure we're all up to date on d techonology. We all have our niche in the D-OC, a conversation I had with several different people earlier this week. You do what you're comfortable with.