Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My favorite thing about Social Media

I have been a member of the Diabetes Online Community for about 3 years kinda trolling around seeing what other people were doing and putting in a few words here and there.  It was close to 2 years ago that I really started delving into Social Networking and it almost becoming an obsession. I became a member/admin of multiple Diabetes Support Group/Information pages on Facebook. Twitter is still a little foreign to me, I get the basic concepts but Twitter is not my personal favorite Social Networking tool.

My favorite part about Social Media is that the lights are never turned off and there is always someone somewhere that is online to chat with, wether you have a question, just want to say Hi, have a complaint, no matter what it is someone is always there. 

Social Networking at times is almost like a very large social workers office where others are not there to judge you but to accept you with welcoming arms and help you work through whatever the problem may be at that time. The best part about these times is that it is FREE!! (I am NOT recommending you stop counseling if you are currently in it, no one can replace your medical professional). 

I love that we have the technology now a days to connect people from almost every inch of the world to other people hundreds of thousands of miles away but yet they still can understand each others problems. Social Media via FacebookTwitterInstagramMySpaceTuDiabetes and so many more are cutting edge advocacy, networking, friendship, and marketing tools.

Social Media will continue to evolve as will the Diabetes Online Community and just like Diabetes management tools they can only get better, people will still be there for a newly diagnosed family, or someone who has a question or concern, to educate the uneducated about diabetes, through the good and the bad, and all the times in between.

I hope to see you all on Facebook or Twitter :) 

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