Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Visit / New Chapter

I am proud to announce on Friday we had our personal best A1C on record of 8.2, now I know the families out there that have A1Cs in the 6's and 7's would not think this is good but for US it is!! This is a big accomplishment!! We are so excited to get it down.

We also have changed her diabetes clinic again to a clinic that will now see her from pediatrics through adulthood, she will never have to change offices when she is no longer under pediatric care. Our new dr is AMAZING, I had met him before just never had him as a physician. He understands that diabetes is NOT a cookie cutter disease, that everyone is different.

We have the paperwork in the works to get Aly on the Dexcom G4, this should make management even tighter. We are are loving the One Touch Ping that we started a few weeks ago and now the Dexcom will help even more.

On to better A1C's and management


Mike Lawson said...

New chapter in a great book. Congrats!

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Congratulations on the A1c!

It's all relative. We struggle to keep ours low. We go to the endo tomorrow. I'm hoping that using the DexCom continuously these past 3 months has helped. We'll see!