Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is it like ...

To be a teenager with Type 1 Diabetes.

Today I will continue with the series What is it like ... I had the pleasure of email interviewing Jessica and getting her views on being a teenager who has Type 1 Diabetes, social media, and what she would say to a newly diagnosed teen

Enjoy her interview

Q:  First Name and Age:
A: Jess, 17

Q:  When were you diagnosed and at what age?
A: 14... well almost 15

Q:  What do you remember about your diagnosis?
A: a lot, I remember being at he dr office and the dr tell us I should drink Gatorade (stupid) I remember getting blood drawn and eating Wendys... I remember driving to the hospital, but I was to out of it to be scared.... being in the ER, Being REALLY HUNGRY! And soo so thirsty, then being taken to my room, and the next morning giving my first shot, which wasn't that bad cause I knew after the shot I got to eat pancakes!

Q:  Are you on an insulin pump (if yes what kind) or are you on multiple daily injections?
A: I was on shots for 6 months and I've been on the animas ping since then.

Q:  Do you like your current method of infusion?
A: yes

Q:  How comfortable are you managing your Type 1 Diabetes?
A: I feel comfortable, I know what I have to do and don't really need my mom's help anymore =)

Q:  What is the hardest aspect of your diabetes management?
A: nights.

Q:  Do you have a Diabetes Alert Dog, if yes how does your D.A.D help you with your diabetes management?
A: nope

Q:  Are you friends with any other Type 1 diabetics in your area?
A: My best friend (for ten years) was dx three months ago, but until then I only had online d friends.

Q:  Do you talk to other Type 1 Diabetic children/teens via facebook, twitter, or chat rooms? If yes: Does that help your diabetes management and understanding of Type 1 Diabetes?
A: I belong to CWD, facebook groups, twitter stuff, and I blog

Q:  Besides a cure what 1 thing would you like to see researchers working towards and why?
A: The AF, better insulins, and prevention because I would rather live with diabetes forever and not have any of my children get it.

Q: What tips or advice would you give to other newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic children/teens?
A: Get involved online, learn all you can, and know that its okay to get upset and admit your having a hard time.

I hope you all are having a good week, enjoyed this post, and will check back again later for more

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