Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is it like ...

To be a Teenager with Type 1 Diabetes?

Thousands of teenagers and young adults live with Type 1 diabetes since this is an incurable disease.

I set out to get their views on their diagnosis, life managing diabetes, and how social media helps them better understand and over come this diagnosis.

Today I am posting Ciara's interview    .......................              ENJOY!!

Q:  First Name and Age:
A: Ciara, 18 years old

Q:  When were you diagnosed and at what age?
A: 22nd April 2011 at 16 years old

Q:  What do you remember about your diagnosis?
A: I had been sick for a few months, got really bad on the day of my dx, breathing was hard, so was walking and keeping any kind of concentration, i don't remember much of going to the hospital but when i was there i was hooked up to two drips and told i had type 1, all i asked was , was this the kind you took injections for :L after that they just tried to stabilize me and put me on a heart monitor, i stayed in for a week(2days coronary care) my blood sugar was 774mg(43mmol) and i had large ketones(7.4mmol)

Q:  Are you on an insulin pump (if yes what kind) or are you on multiple daily injections?
A: I started a pump in May of this year, a Medtronic minimed Veo

Q:  Do you like your current method of infusion?
A: Yes, I prefer it to MDI, I get way better control on the pump this way less swings for high-low and low-high

Q:  How comfortable are you managing your Type 1 Diabetes?
A: Quite comfortable, it's not something that gets me down; I do my best with it

Q:  What is the hardest aspect of your diabetes management?
A: Probably avoiding hypos, because I take ages to get back up

Q:  Do you have a Diabetes Alert Dog, if yes how does your D.A.D help you with your diabetes management?
A: nope I don't have a D.A.D

Q: Are you friends with any other Type 1 diabetics in your area?
A: I'm friends with 2 other t1's in my area and recently met another one, and am going to meet another t1 next month

Q:  Do you talk to other Type 1 Diabetic children/teens via facebook, twitter, or chat rooms? If yes: Does that help your diabetes management and understanding of Type 1 Diabetes?
A: yes, it helps a lot because 99% of the time someone else has been through what you’re going through and will have advice and will offer support.

Q:  Besides a cure what 1 thing would you like to see researchers working towards and why?
A: Em, I'm not really sure, maybe making pumps more widely available and accessible to those who want them, because in my area I’m one of only 4 people who are pumping, and why? Because I find they are better than MDI but I guess it'd also be personal choice too :L

Q:  What tips or advice would you give to other newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic children/teens?
A: It gets better! You control it, it doesn't control you, it won't stop you doing anything in life, just keep at it and stay positive and always keep smiling 

I want to thank Ciara for helping me see the view point of a teenager. Check back tomorrow for another teenagers views on diagnosis, management, and social media

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