Thursday, June 28, 2012

The D.O.C.

Oh my god, the D.O.C.!! The Diabetes Online Community whether you use twitter, facebook, or many of the other avenues of online social media just ROCKS!!! There is ALWAYS someone there no matter what time of day/night it is, no matter where in the world you are located to listen and talk to you about everything d/or non d related.

I found the D.O.C. within the last 2 years and man has it changed the direction that my life has gone with managing Aly's diabetes, how I feel about diabetes, and it helped me find my true passion in life. I never would have known how many other parents of children with diabetes, PWD, or other caregivers there were out there without the D.O.C. and social media outlets. Once you find the Diabetes Online Community it is kinda like crack ... it is hard to leave because you feel like you may miss out on something important but it is SO helpful and knowledgeable. I know so much more about T1 and T2 then I think I ever would have by meeting all these AMAZING people online. Without the D.O.C. we never would have heard about The Diabetes Dude where Aly has become a diabetes advocate for their amazing organization. I never would have met the over 800 plus other people that I have on facebook Katrina's Facebook, I never would have met the 100's of people that I have on Twitter Katrina's Twitter, these people I have never met in real life but they all live in my computer. The D.O.C. is almost like a 24 hour convenience store where you can go in at any time day / night and get anything you need whether it be something big or just something small.

I can not speak highly enough of finding the Diabetes Online Community. Don't get me wrong the D.O.C. is not perfect, most of them are not medical professionals, there are tiffs that happen and people get upset but the overall feel is just helpful, accepting, and life changing.

Thank you D.O.C. friends!!


Mike said...

Sing it, girl!

I agree with all that you said. I'm a better, healthier person because of the DOC.

Christina Ghosn said...

AMEN sister. Our New Normal started over 5 years ago and while I did find the Children With Diabetes website, and thus the cwd forums and best of all the cwd Friends for Life conferences within the first few weeks of Sugarboy's diagnosis and I read a few of the most prominent blogs occasionally I didn't truly find the complete AWESOMENESS of the DOC until Jan of this year. I agree with you and Mike I am a better, stronger more sane person because of it. SO many of the people in the DOC make me want to be a better person - actually they help me be a better person. Group HUG.